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BBSK info No. 1

Today we would like to introduce our contribution to the environment and sustainability.
After selling our conventional PE tubes, you get :

The new DERCUSAN®Urea Soft Cream 100 ml tube

Dercusan I´m green
  • New climate-friendly packaging made from sugar cane PE
  • Proven quality
  • Botanical care oils shea butter / avocado oil
  • 10 % UREA as humectant

Green Plastic – is the climate-friendly, new tube material for our Dercusan®Urea Soft Cream 100 ml based on sugar cane. 1kg Green Plastic binds 3kg of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) and is our first answer to the environment and packaging.BIO-alcohol produced from sugar cane is converted into PE (polyethylene) and used as tube material under the name – I’m green® PE- ( I`m green® registered trademark of Braskem).

200,000 t of PE are produced in this way without the use of crude oil, but before that they bind plenty of carbon dioxide during the cultivation of sugar cane.

Below you can see the Green Plastic cycle:

Green Plastic Cyclus

You can find more information about Green Plastic on the Internet at:

We will be able to provide you with this new climate-friendly and sustainable packaging for our Dercusan®Urea Soft Creme 100 ml from November 2019.

Yes, we do it !

You too ??? We are making our first contribution to the environment and climate by using Green Plastic tubes, unfortunately this is not possible in a cost-neutral way.

We would be pleased if you would support this contribution to the environment and sustainability by continuing to use the unchanged formula Dercusan® Urea Soft Creme in the 100 ml sugar cane PE tube despite the additional costs incurred.

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