You are currently viewing BBSK Info No. 4 : “Our Kall warehouse”

BBSK Info No. 4 : “Our Kall warehouse”

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BBSK Hautschutz would like to give our partner for storage and dispatch, Nordeifelwerkstätten in Kall, the opportunity to present itself today. From our point of view, this cooperation has been a particular success story in recent years. From the start to the present day, NEW Kall has grown with us and has met the growing demands to our complete satisfaction. The cooperation so far has been based on understanding, sympathy and trust. Many thanks on behalf of all the employees of NEW Kall to Mr. Opgenorth and especially to Mrs. Johanna Schloeßer.
Conclusion: Super cooperation!

Enough preamble, here is an uncensored report from NEW Kall :

Since spring 2016, the Nordeifelwerkstätten GmbH (NEW) in Kall have been working together with the BBSK company NEW is a non-profit company consisting of four different locations and offers people with different disabilities a workplace as well as targeted support for the first labour market. At the Kall site, in the packaging/warehouse department, the various products of the BBSK company are labelled, packed ready for dispatch and sent by post or truck. The different tasks are handled by about 3-5 people with disabilities almost every day. The different challenges that the orders bring with them offer the employees of NEW Kall many opportunities for advancement in the areas of shipping, logistics and packaging-specific activities. The good cooperation between NEW and the customer BBSK is also supported and appreciated by the people with disabilities with a lot of joy and motivation.

Johanna Schloeßer 14.10.2020 Kall

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