You are currently viewing BBSK Info No. 5 – Support flood relief with our partner KSA

BBSK Info No. 5 – Support flood relief with our partner KSA

Flood relief

Thank you very much on behalf of IG Our Village Zweifall eV and all Zweifaller!

The organizers in Zweifall have given the following text to share:

Thank you for your support! We are overwhelmed by the enormous willingness to help and thank you and all donors from the bottom of our hearts for helping people in such a way. In addition to the major financial losses, many families in our village have to struggle with the fact that they have lost priceless mementos and did not feel safe in their own four walls.
This will keep many of us busy for a long time to come. It is all the more important that, with your help and the help of all donors, we can alleviate at least some of the financial worries.

The association has found a fair key for distributing the donations to the affected citizens and, for example, provides help where it is really acutely needed by distributing vouchers or organizing craftsmen’s services.
BBSK Hautschutz® was happy to support this campaign of the KSA Group with a small contribution.

And maybe with this article we will motivate one or the other customer to help us and to donate something to IG Unser Dorf Zweifall eV .

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